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    Libyan Cultural Attache’

    61-62 Ennismore Gardens


    SW7 1NH

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    General Enquirers:   0203 0069 890

    UK Universities general enquirers only : 0203 0069 891

    Libyan Cultural Attache’ invoices procedure

    This is an announcement for Universities all over UK and Ireland who have Libyan Students sponsored by the Cultural Attache’ studying at your university/college and would like to clear out any outstanding… Continue reading

    Our public relations specialist communicates with the public on behalf of Cultural Attache’.

    You can contact Dr Nasser Ghaith regarding any of the following using the online form

    • General Relationships
    • Events
    • Educational Activities
    • Media Relationships
    • Arrange & Conduct programs between… Continue reading

    An Academic Coordinator is responsible for the delivery, maintenance and development of assigned programs and courses of our sponsored Students all over UK & Ireland.

    If you have any issues related to student’s study progress, Please contact Dr Osama… Continue reading

    Excitement builds as up to three million people prepare to elect a national congress

    He has been offered thousands to sell the military hat he stole from Colonel Gaddafi’s bedroom as the dictator’s empire collapsed around him, but he… Continue reading

    Our Main Priorities as a Finance Department are

    • Provide day-to-day financial services to universities and language schools
    • Provide day-to-day financial services to our students and staff


    If you have any financial enquirers please contact us using the… Continue reading

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