• Our Main Priorities as a Finance Department are

    Provide day-to-day financial services to universities and language schools

    Provide day-to-day financial services to our students and staff


    If […]

  • Excitement builds as up to three million people prepare to elect a national congress
    He has been offered thousands to sell the military hat he stole from Colonel Gaddafi’s bedroom as the dictator’s empire coll […]

  • An Academic Coordinator is responsible for the delivery, maintenance and development of assigned programs and courses of our sponsored Students all over UK & Ireland.

    If you have any issues related to […]

  • Our public relations specialist communicates with the public on behalf of Cultural Attache’.

    You can contact Dr Nasser Ghaith regarding any of the following using the online form

    General Rel […]

  • Libyan Cultural Attache’ invoices procedure

    This is an announcement for Universities all over UK and Ireland who have Libyan Students sponsored by the Cultural Attache’ studying at your univer […]

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